Our site is fully responsive

There are great news today for our users.

We have added major improvement to the front end part of our weather service. Our decision was to make site fully responsive. It means that there are specific styles for different screensizes. You can view site on big and small screens, where the width is 320px, 460px, 768px or more, and the page layout will be properly optimized.

It's very important to note, then we use latest CSS technologies, and there is only one version of our site for all types of devices. You can safely rotate screen and still see information in friendly format. Also, content will be presented correctly if browser size is changed on desktop monitors.

New feature on our site - Autocomplete


Dear users!

There are great news today from our online weather portal.

We have just added new feature called auto-complete. It will allow to search data from the input form or from the main page of the site without visiting the Search page.

It means then when you type, you will see large drop down UI area with a list of geographic regions that match to the query.

Our final goal is to make fast and easy to use web portal that provides accurate weather information. And to achieve that results, the site should be fast and well structured.

What is climate?

Hello dear readers of our blog. In this article we will tell you what is the climate generally and what is the climate of different continents and what impact climate conditions have on human health.

Let's see what it actually means. Climate is the weather conditions that have developed in a specific location within a multi-year period of time.